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Donating to

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Thank you for considering making a donation.

Thank you all so much for sharing your enthusiasm with the work and progress we have made. We are really enjoying this process and look forward more growth and many more site enhancements. :)

Little Release went out today

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Here is the list of changes that went out :) .

- new interface for tagging a project/pattern
- project/pattern now show assigned tags to other members
- added “browse all” link for projects to the tags section on the people tab
- added paging to the fabric tab
- changed default fabric “noimage” picture
- member about me page now shows join day as well

- fix for concurrency issues experienced by a few members
- attempted fix for “missing” toolbar reports experienced by several members
- fixed bug where signup allowed 5 char password but login dialog would not allow it
- fixed alignment on people on pattern tabs when loading projects/patterns by tag
- font size adjustments

New Release – April 16 – DONE!

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The following new features were released today:

  • enabled editing and deleting messages on the forum
  • increased the size of the forum message edit box
  • added location fields to member profile including country, region, city
  • added on-friend email notification (this can be disabled from member profile)
  • added start date & completion date for project
  • adjusted sorting on member project page to show in order of (status, completion date, create date)
  • reworked pattern tab to show most recent patterns, browse by tag, search, and browse all w/ paging
  • made ‘about us’ always available so potential members can read prior to signup/login
  • added search result count to member & pattern search

Minor bug fixes / adjustments:

  • fixed broken confirmation link for login names using special characters
  • default to “http://” on member siteUrl unless specified otherwise
  • adjusted min length for login down to 5 to match description on signup page
  • widened right column on tools page to prevent cutting off images
  • excluded non-confirmed users from member search
  • added conditionals to only show only non-blank project information on the view page
  • added styling to pagination buttons on people & pattern tab so they are easier to read & use

If you experience any issues or have any feedback we’d love to hear it!


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Wow. The word for this past week is definitely growth. We have been amassing members by the hundreds, and quickly! Such an exciting time as we watch our little community grow and take root. So, we have been listening to everyone who has posted wishes for functionality and here is a list of what is to come:

1.) Favorites! (Of Course)

2.) Getting a e-mail when someone “friends” you

3.) Location function so you can see members near you, geographically

4.) Editing messages on the forum

5.) Completion dates on projects

6.) Enhanced “About Me” page

7.) Pattern ratings

8.) Ability to add “books” to your stash

9.) Reorganize “patterns” tags by tab

10.) Hire a graphic designer to improve/clean up our graphics (we need to save some $ first for this)

11.) A design board where you can pull fabric swatches and see what they look like next to one another

12.) A machine embroidery section

13.) Eventually I would like people to be able to buy and sell patterns and machine embroidery files on the site

So, we’re gonna be busy!!! ;) If you haven’t been back in the last couple of days to check it out, we did a release on Sat. night to better organize the “People” page to show newest members, browse all members, and search for projects by tag. And we added a link on Pattern pages to the pattern contributor.

We had some folks ask who we are and why we are doing this…

Read here: About Us

Here’s pic of us!

We thank everyone for their kind words! Keep the suggestions coming, we love to hear from you.