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Flickr Support Added

Pat1818 June 30th, 2010 by Pat1818 | Comments Off | Filed in Releases

Today we rolled out a new feature, which allows attaching photos from your flickr account to your about me, project, and tools pages in For those of you with extensive Flickr photo libraries this should greatly ease the process of creating projects to show off to the sewing community!

*Note – In order for My Sewing Circle to access your flickr photos your account can’t be set to private.

First you’ll need to set your flickr nsid by editing your profile page. If you don’t know your flickr nsid you can find it here.

Now once your nsid is properly set, you can attach a flickr photo using the same dialog you use to attach normal uploaded files. Click add picture. For about me, projects, and tools you should notice the add picture dialog now has an additional tab for linking flickr photos.

Next choose the photoset containing the photo you’d like to attach (or use All) and click the go button.


Now, scroll through the photos (it shows 10 per page) to locate the photo you would like to attach. When you find it, click it to select it.


Finally, click attach to link the image to

Have fun and as always check out the help forum if you are having issues or you can always send us an email at Update

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On May 17th we reported that we’d received 100,000 hits in a month for the first time. Well, we’ve been moving forward since then and now we’re even above that. Here’s an update of the same metrics to keep everyone encouraged…

Total registered members is 2614

Projects: 1442

Patterns: 521

Fabrics: 415

Tools: 233

We have an active forum – all related to sewing. We’ve recently released sewing circles and private messaging so there is much to get excited about!!

While its always nice to get new members and for the site to grow the most important thing for us is to provide quality content through a clean, uncluttered interface. We have a dedicated group of volunteers helping answer questions and keep the site looking nice.

Thanks to all for your support!

Private Messages Released today @ 2PM EST

Pat1818 June 6th, 2010 by Pat1818 | No Comments | Filed in Releases

Introducing Private Messages – now you can get personal with members like never before. Send/receive personalized messages using the new “messages” area of your workspace. It works very similar to email with the ability to enter a recipient, a short subject, and an html message. If the recipient has email notification enabled then the message will be delivered by traditional email as well.


Friend notifications, project comment notifications, and sewing circle invites still use traditional email. These will be converted to use the new private messaging capability in the near future.

As always if you have any issues please let us know using the Help Center forum.

If you haven’t signed up yet what are you waiting for? :)