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My Sewing Circle – Remember me?

Pat1818 July 29th, 2010 by Pat1818 | Comments Off | Filed in Releases

Today we released the much anticipated feature we lovingly refer to as “remembering where you left off reading on the forum”. We always intended to refer to it by some shorter, easier to remember name, but we never got around to renaming it :)

Here’s basically how it works. When you next login each forum & topic will be indicated as unread. As you open forums/topics each will remember which page you were reading on and the icons will change depending on where you left off reading / when new messages are posted. You can identify unread forums & topics using the icons:

image No new messages
image New messages

In addition to this we’ve released the following minor enhancements/bug fixes:

  • extended the date range on the tools create/edit page
  • added alphabetical ordering to the fabric stash
  • removed brand/model requirement for adding tool
  • added “my” sewing circle forums to the main forum list
  • fixed error when cancelling sewing circle creation
  • fixed incorrect advertising email link

As always please keep us updated if you have any ideas/issues.