Pattern work in progress…

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Hope everyone is having a great year so far! What better new year’s resolution than to track each sewing project you do this year? Imagine the pride you’ll feel looking back and seeing everything you’ve accomplished! My Sewing Circle gives you a way to do that and much more.

We’re off to a great start so far this year. We’re well over 6000 members with many new members and designers signing up each day.

We’ve been working on major enhancements to the pattern section. These changes should be available within the next few weeks. Once completed you’ll be able to:

  • view/update information about pattern designers
  • view/update information about pattern books, magazines, and websites
  • view/update suggested fabrics for patterns based on completed & in progress projects
  • view/create enhanced pattern ratings

Here is a snapshot of the work in progress:


If you have a suggestion on how to improve the site we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment, send us an email at, or better yet come on inside and join in the forum discussions.

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