Designer Enhancements & All New Project Design Board

Pat1818January 31st, 2012 by Pat1818 | Filed under Uncategorized.

We are very excited to announce these new features that are available now!

Designer members are now able to link their member accounts with their designer page.


  • Renamed “projects” link to “projects & designers" for improved navigation
  • Added "I am" button on designer page to allow member to link to their design page, patterns, and sources
  • Once linked the designer member will have access to edit designer page and associated patterns
  • Added designer links to member "about me" page
  • Enhanced designer page to allow picture upload/management
  • Added ability to add designers to list of favorites
  • Included special enhancements specific for content editors to assist with managing/monitoring designer/member relationships

We created a brand new project design board, which allows you to start creating a project by designing with fabrics.

From “my sewing room”, select your projects page. You’ll see a link to launch the design board:


Pull in fabrics using the search dialog, move them around, remove them.


When you have the fabrics you want just click “create project”.

Hope you enjoy these new features!

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