About The owners of MSC

As the new owners of the MSC community, it is with great pleasure that we introduce ourselves to you.

We are LittleSister and Pat1818. We are a couple and parents of 3 children: 14-year-old Audrey, 13-year-old Camille and 10-year-old Justin; these children are all our life!

LittleSister: My biggest passion is knitting and I have mastered the art of needles since my youngest years. I have a weakness for sock yarn and natural fibers in general. But I cannot leave out my love for fabrics! I adore fabrics, specially cottons for quilting of which I do not grow tired: I can spend hours in the basket of fat-quarters in any fabrics store. I would like to have 48 hours in a day to make all that I have in mind!!!

Pat1818: I have worked in aeronautics for 20 years in the inspection of non-destructive testing department. I also belong to the labor-union world and I have always had an interest in social progress and democracy. In spite of this desire for equity, I also have a sense of entrepreneurship and success. I share with my wife the management of a family business. Obviously, our 2 daughters and our son make us spend a lot of time in arenas for hockey and ringuette. However little time is left in a 24 hours day, I am a fan of the Minnesota Vikings and the Montreal Canadians. I knit and I sew occasionally and when I do, it is with great pleasure!

We are proud to be part of the My Sewing Circle project. Please share this beautiful community with your friends and fellow sewers and especially share your projects!!!

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions, comments or suggestions, we are open to any comment. info@mysewingcircle.com

About Mike and Carrie (creators of MSC)

We had some folks ask who we are and why we are doing this…

My name is Carrie, I am “cbcaudle” on the site. I am a knitter and sewer, so after being on Ravelry for awhile I began to search for a similar site for sewers and was never able to find anything and my sewing friends didn’t know of anything, either. So in October or November I began to ask hubby (username admin) if he felt like it was something he could do. He said “yes” (good hubby) and here we are. After spending a couple months developing our design concept, he began to code in December in his spare time, and within a few weeks, Voila!, we had a site. We launched the site on Feb. 11th after doing much testing and working out little bugs. We decided to allow users to begin using the site as soon as it had most functionality and to do releases as needed after hearing input from what you, the users, want :) .

Apart from our work on My Sewing Circle we like to spend time as a family with our two little girls Madeleine, age 6, and Norah, age 21 months. I recently graduated from nursing school, but am a SAHM for now. In my free time I love to knit and sew and hoard fabric and yarn. In Mike’s free time he likes to obsess over his Fantasy Baseball team or watch the Atlanta Braves. We are a moderately crunchy family, organic eating, cloth diapering, recycling…save the world, whales, and all that stuff ;) .

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  2. [...] My sewing circle - again, allows you to search for patterns and read comments from users. [...]